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Identify yourself

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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Everyone wants a great achievements in his life. everyone has a vision , a dream. right ? But only few people achieve their goal. Have you thought that why its happen ? Because when we plan something , we do not diagnosis our self. what we are ? what can we do ? what is our limit ? How can we do this ? Generally we do not inter in this process, because we think that what we are doing , what we are planning , that excellent . I believe mostly think like that , you don’t ?

According to my opinion before planning , we should identify our self about our capacity. If you want to practice in court than, can you argument with Judge, saying that I have not degree of advocacy and I never read the laws books in spite of that I know all laws, and what I am saying It is right . then ? and if anyone say that I can not read and write but I can be a Dr. It is possible ? Nahi Na . therefore first think about yourself than make a plan. then there are more chances to successes.