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But I knew that I can do it….

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Sunday, 4 September 2011

2007, When I was looking some lands for development in rural area of Maharashtra , nearby Mumbai and Navi Mumbai e.g. Raigad/ Ratnagiri in konkan region. There were not major developments but many MNC, investor and developers were working for acquisition of lands but they were not aware about zoning system and Govt rules and regulations , so lack of information about the lands, its zone, its D.P. plans etc, its proving an obstacle to a smooth acquisition and developments.

Govt was working on several projects e.g. DMIC, SEZ, STP and Industrial developments but most of people were unknown about this. I realized and saw that more opportunities were waiting. There was not a professional company for guide to buyers or MNC. I feel that this field is still open for working , without wasting time I established a company in Nagothane , Raigad , Maharashtra for providing liaison services to MNC, investor and developers and I did a lot of liaison works.Now, after five year they came to know about future planning of State and central Govt. in this region.
When I started , Everybody discouraged saying that you can not deal with farmers and developers/MNC, but I wanted that I can do this and I did a lot of works.

These days I am working on a portal, which will provide comprehensive information about real estate market of India.After comprehensive research about real estate growth , I came to know that Maharashtra and Goa is right place for development and I started a management and research company known as ” Indian Property management & Research Company Limited “.

The main object of this company is to research and market the potentiality of urban and rural areas of Maharashtra, and to guide the MNCs, Developers, Investors, Individuals and Industrialist, especially in Mumbai, Navi – Mumbai, Maha- Mumbai, Raigad, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg and Goa.

When I started discussion with successful people of this field , they commented that you can not do it , A lot of company doing it , This is huge project , It is next to impossible , You should not do it, even you should think about it , but “I knew that I can do it”.

I am looking with my open eyes that opportunities are waiting , who will take advantage first, this is main thing. There are hills of diamonds and valley of Golds , you can see and you can catch, if you deserve or if you have a strong and crystal clear vision.

Success : Major elements

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Almost people want to achieve success or want to be rich. but they do not know how to achieve their dreams or how to start on their journey. they do not have the will to make the first step.People who has attained certain level of success in life, like become rich and achieve their dreams.Have you ever Wonder what are the secrets that separate these people from those who are less or no successful ?
According to me there are some secrets of success:

1. Think big

Many of the successful people often have big goal to achieve in their life.Big goal will motivate you to achieve them. If you know what is your goals, that you really want to do, you will more motivated to achieve them.

2. Never stop

Many wealthy people have encountered lots of failures before achieving their dreams or attain enormous wealth. when you facing difficulties , you need to use your beliefs and value to motivate you to overcome them.Only when you truly believe in your dreams and yourself, you will never stop and this is your inner strength to empower you.
A river never stop, always encounter stones and rocks in its path to the sea.When the river encounters stones and rocks, it always splashes the water on them and stop. But , it will step back after splashes and water will turn around them to continue its journey towards the seas. so like the river, when you encounter failures, do not cry over them. But, learn from the mistake and move on towards your goals.

3. Crystal clear vision

Success requires clear plan , clear vision and commitment.

4. Determination

you need to stop procrastinate and eliminate excuses and be accountable for the things that you do. you remove distractions that stop you from reaching your goals. when you have a clear plan of what and how to achieve your goals, strive them one by one . Determine yourself that any condition you have to achieve your goals.

5. Discover yourself

If you think big , if your vision is also clear , you are determine also, in spite of that peep inside yourself. Are you able to do this ? Do you have courage ? are you ready to face all difficulties ? will think in the future ?can you do it alone? If not , do not think big, do work for successful people, If yes, be a river , eventually success will come to you.