You would have met some people who never talks point to point, although they talk about here and there then we have to stop them and we have to say them, forcibly , Come to the point, directly. WE always face these type of people who irritate us even they are not ready to understand that they are diverted and creating some problems for other.
Definitively, you would have also faced and met these type of super genius, who think what they say is right.Main problem creates whenever we say them do not talk unrelevant point, what is the relation with two different topic then what they say that I am talking to the point , I am not talking unrelated thing.
What is this ?
What is the meaning of point to point ? Its means if you are talking regarding the movies then do not mix sports. If you are talking about real estate then do not talk about computer.If you are providing legal services then do not try to sell computer parts. If you are talking about film making then do not talk about political issue, etc..
What should we do ?
What should we do ? we try to explain them , if they do not understand leave them with their view and try to find right person . As well as if you are approaching to someone regarding selling of goods or providing services then you should also talk point to point. Corporate never like unwanted discussion . If you will not realized then you will be realized that you are unwanted people and they will start avoiding you.
Therefore, if you want to gain faith and respect among the corporate , elite class, HNI or any successful people then avoid unrelated topic and explain all thing point to point . If you  apply this thing you can gain faith and name both and whenever both will come together then money will also come with them. If you could not understand then other person will interrupt  you and they will be bound to say Hello Mr. COME TO THE POINT.