Why should we run behind the clients for selling of our Products ? 
Always we follow  many procedure to complete our products,after that so many marketing strategy we apply for selling of  products.
We have to finish many difficulties from beginning till completion of any projects.
What we do 
1.Cold – Call
2.Print Publicity
3.Electronic Media
4.Net marketing
We try  above all for selling of our product. We always approach to the customer. We try to convince them.We offer them attractive proposal. We follow them.We try to provide best services from our ends. Sometime we do distress-sale.
Some time we approach to the investor for bulk-booking, then Investor exploits us and pay less than market price, and make huge profit after selling our products.Sometime, we sell our product less than original value.Sometime we mortgage , some time we take loan. When we approach for finance then we are exploited and we have to agree on their terms and condition .
I do not agree with above all these thing. According to me why we should always run behind the customer, why not customer should run behind us ? Why we should approach to customer or investor, why should not they approach us ?
I believe that we can design some different Marketing Strategy , where we will not have to run behind the customer , although customer will be forced to approach us. Whenever customer will be starting to approach us for our products then it is called  MAGNETIC – MARKETING.
Anyone can apply but condition is this that Product Quality , Services , Our Direction,Pricing and Marketing Strategy should be perfect.