Marketing : Is Degree Enough ?

We can not convince or sale any products or services to others without their interest . Best way to sale your products or services , first you should create  interest to others for listing you , then you can explain and convince them. If you meet  someone and you want to explain something then contemplate first others present mental status and their priorities . 

I have to meet professionals from other companies and there are many professional works in our company.One thing is common in Mostly professionals that they do not understand body language and situation of customer or employer.Whenever they meet,they start speaking without knowing other situation  then I have to stop them and I become bound to say them that I am busy in some other important work , now I have no time to listen you, catch me later. 

One day, I kept my view in the meeting. I would like to share all of you.

Secret of selling of product and services — Firstly , fix a meeting, create interest of others to you, understand others’s body language , listen carefully , reply related to subject , do not be irritate during the meeting, try to understand others requirement and interest , explain why products or service are necessary and what is advantage and how can it could be useful ,if you are 100% sure that other person is convinced then you should start about selling and pricing.
I would like to advice to my employee and colleague  that before selling your products or services , firstly create interest of other , if others are not interested then do not try to convince and sale your products or services. Otherwise , you could lose your prospective customers.
If you do not find room for sharing your view then do not try to share; wait for right time, right situation and right place.