Sanjay Sarraf ’s Activities

Real Estate Development – Progressive India Infra Limited
Progressive India Group was founded in the year of 2004, by Mr. Sanjay Sarraf. The group enjoy a strong presence in Maharashtra and have made its position as one of the largest business houses in the Real Estate Industry. The group and its associates are developing high end Residential, Commercial, Industrial and SEZ projects in Raigad, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg. The group is working in several sector of Real estate and made several sister concern companies.
The group is managed by highly qualified professionals who are fully engrossed to ensure that the group maintains its high standards in quality constructions, timely delivery and customer satisfaction.
It has been working over the project a long time and did a lot of comprehensive study and research and came to this conclusion that Raigad / Ratnagiri and sindhudurg district of Maharashtra has emerged a centre of enormous opportunities for investors, developers, and corporate houses.
Progressive India Group’, which has its own special place and is on a distinctive level in the entire business of real estate to Infrastructures has also diversified itself into Agro, and Media & Entertainment business in the country today.


Sanjay definitely became a loved public leader, but he did not have any knowledge regarding the ways of election in politics. He did not know that for winning the elections, only gaining the love of the people and rendering services to the public was not enough. For that one requires a strong political party belonging to a national organization, which can give strength and help achieve one’s goals.

Sanjay learnt the ways of politics and decided that he would continue working in the interest of the country and would not turn away from his duties.

He joined the Indian National Congress. Sanjay liked the head of the All India Congress Committee, Smt. Sonia Gandhi’s speech :
“The Indian National Congress has always represented a secular, democratic, just and inclusive India; an India that is empowering the disadvantaged and the discriminated, an India that is blending tradition with modernity is anchored in unity amidst its much diversity.”

So much that he made his mind to follow the ideology of Congress and started his struggle from a different angle.
It is also said that when he was in 8th standard, Late Shri. Rajeev Gandhi visited his village and Sanjay garlanded Mr. Gandhi on behalf of his school. Mr. Rajeev Gandhi hugged Sanjay and said “He sees Rahul in Sanjay” This is also a reason; he is emotionally attached with Congress philosophy.
By helping in the arrangements and participating in the festivals of all religions, he spread the feeling of goodwill; gathering young people, he organized blood donation camps and sport events, he started helping in providing education for poor children. As a result of which, in a short span of time, Sanjay became the public’s beloved and the All India Congress Committee, once more became a memorable name for the public.

For alleviating the problems and getting them their democratic rights, first Sanjay went from village to village and stayed with the farmers and propagated the message of unity, and then started his struggle against their plight. The farmers who were out of reach of the government’s dues, Sanjay Sarraf emerged as a messiah for them, and today in this region, Sanjay has become the most beloved hero of the public, and he is busy fulfilling his dreams and serving the country and society. But his ambition does not end here. He says,
“This is just the beginning; the destination is still far-away. By serving the public and sharing the common man’s pain, this journey of trying to attain moksh i.e. “EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT FOR ALL” is still very long.”

Progressive India Foundation

Progressive India Foundation is secular, not-for-profit organization registered under the Societies’ Registration Act of 1860. The organization is formed by Mr. Sanjay Sarraf CMD of Progressive India Group and a committed Social Worker.
Progressive India Foundation is mainly formed to spread the awareness of education among the children of the villages and bring them to the main stream of development and also to help underprivileged people.
Its main objective is to carry the mission ourselves and encourage the individuals and government to associate with this cause in true and honest way.
Progressive India Foundation is mainly focusing over the importance of education among these derived sections of societies from these areas.
As Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (The Ex. President of India) said –
“If you want to see progressive India, educate each and every individual”
Following this philosophy, Progressive India Foundation is working day and night to provide opportunities to those children who due to lack of support and poverty cannot study in the rural areas.
With the help of its volunteers, organizes workshop in these villages and select poor children .Later, our counselors teach them the importance of education.
After the counseling, foundation provides basic requirements for carrying their study and checks their progress time to time.
It is also trying to upgrade the condition of existing Govt. schools located in the villages with the help of local authorities.
We do survey of these schools and monitor their functioning. If we find any loop holes, the foundation try to solve themselves or with the help of concerned authorities.
The foundation is trying its level best to bring maximum educational opportunities for the poor children of every village in these areas.
Progressive India Foundation is also providing some scholarship to those students who due to poverty cannot afford the higher study.
In short, Progressive India Foundation is working mainly in the field of EDUCATION among the children of remote villages and is trying to make the strong foundation of INDIA.

Indian Movies Limited
After graduation from Delhi University, he came to Mumbai to try his luck in Film industry. He was called by Mr. Mahesh Rana and S.S. Rana (A leading Film Producer and Director of Bollywood). He started struggling and got little chance in some films but any production houses could not released any films. He acted without taking any money. He could not keep start his struggle in film due to heavy money crises. During his struggle period, he came to know that without money and without strong sources, it is difficult to survive in this industry. He noticed that many production houses were not genuine and mostly production Houses were running by unprofessional people.
He came to know that struggler life was very miserable; they were forced to work for little money or no money. All struggler were living in dream, imagining that one day they will get a chance to prove their self.
They are double standard, Seeing these entire thing Sanjay Sarraf decided that he will act in film and establish a Production House, after establishing himself.
To achieve a success in film industry, firstly, he thought that he will have to start from scratch. He was much confident about himself that he will be back after some time. Without wasting his time, he joined a pager company Hot-line, as a marketing executive, deciding that after solve his financial crises, he will be back to achieve his incomplete task in film Industry.
It took long time , but he prove himself and established a Group of Companies, ‘Progressive India Group’ and established a film production company named INDIAN MOVIES LIMETED, a Progressive India Group Company.
He is committed about his company. He is passionate about his production house. He was always interested in film, so he established a film company for Film Production, Distribution and Finance.
Indian cinema is working like an industry but there are many loop holes and it is being misutilised by some unprofessional Production Company. These days scenario has been changed and many corporate has established big banner and they are doing great works.
Indian Movies Limited is a corporate company and Sanjay Sarraf is committed that Indian Movies Limited will be the Real face of Indian Cinema.