Stop Making eXcuses

eXcuse Me, Please. Don’t say, ” If you have a idea and you think, you can make a history , then why are you waiting, come out and show to every one, May be some one will appreciate you, but if you stay in a cave and think one day, world will came to know “..Dear friend, you are in technology era , and every one are using it. Do not think that what you are thinking, no one can think. You are wrong. There are uncountable people around you, who are thinking like you even better than you.If you have dare to show your talent, and if you belief in yourself, no need to wait.

Hello !!!! do not give me excuses, I want to see ,what you are, and what can you do ? I am not interested to know your eXcuses.

If you did not get chance or no one is bother about your plan,or you did not leave  your Conservative mentality.Leave it now and Stand-up strongly, and show the people and say , Attention !! Every one ,what I think ,you all will have to believe me,that I deserve and I can do it wait..I will prove my self.If you have dare like this then your journey will start from here, and you will have to fight with yourself to prove yourself.

If you can not do this,then you…Please,Please,Please,do not give me excuses. 

If you will start to giving me excuses then I will understand that you are only a loud speaker, I will bound to think that you can only speak, you can be only loud, you are dreaming and you can not do any thing in your life. If  you want that no one should think like this, then Come out and tell, what are you going to do,and how you will do it.

Therefore, instead of giving excuses ,stop this and accelerate yourself, NOW.