You could just market to everyone. It would give you more chances of gaining new customers. I would recommend target marketing in order to make a successful business. As a businessman ,you would think why that is important.

Target marketing technique will let you send to individuals or groups that will likely buy your product or services,you get to save a lot of money and achieve high response rate.If you can do target marketing well, you can achieve benefits.Reach out to the people who are likely to purchase your offering. 

Don’t be confused to taking decision at the time of meeting with the clients.Be Confident and Convey your offer in a language they understand.This will help you communicate your message faster.Create a effective campaign that will effectively reach your target.Because you reach out to the right people, you get more sales and profit.If you want to do target marketing then the first thing you need to do define the demographics of your target market.
You need to also consider the psycho-graphic status of your prospects, which includes their values, hobbies, and life style. If you can identify these factors effectively , you can be sure to get the right customers to your business.It would help if you can do your market research first, so you can identify your target audience effectively.
You need to also believe in yourself and your products which you provide so you can easily convince your prospective customers.
Presentation of product is also play a vital role to convince your clients. Design and present your products or service like a message.Your product and service should be Crystal clear, do not use fabricated thing to sell your products or services otherwise you can loss your  faith  even after completing or closing the deals. Misinformation and misrepresentation  could fell you in great loss. 

Target marketing is not that hard to do.If you want your business to succeed.First take knowledge about your products or services and honestly present before the customer.Do not try to convince to the client by fabricated thing, if you targeting the prospective client for long time benefit.

Before approaching the clients prepare your self and complete your preparation and collect and keep ready all related thing about your self and about your products.In doing so , you can get the extra boost that will help you stay ahead of the competition and make your business accessible to people.