Time for Introspection

I was asked by many people that why always you talk and write about unnatural thing like.. Empower your self,Identify your self ,hidden power ,discover your self etc.
Someone asked – We could be Leaders in our own work place but  are we Leading our Lives or forced to Follow what comes for us? 
It is time to Introspection.Mr.Sanjay, can you tell me what is introspection ?
Ans – Introspection is the examination of one’s own thoughts or feeling.
I have been saying since more than 25 years that self observation is must. Without knowing our self we can not success.
I always say before deciding anything ,first decide your self that what you are and what is your abilities ?
I have always said find your self first . 
Never start your journey or never attempt for any target without knowing you self.First identify your hidden power then utilize it and if you are find your self unfit then better change the ways and try to according to your inner power.
Seeking for my Mistake …
I tried to find out other meaning of Introspection and as well as  I also wanted to examine myself that what I have been saying and writing, is it correct ? I visited ” Wikipedia “
Introspection is the self-observation and reporting of conscious inner thoughts,desire and sensations , it is a conscious and purposive process relying on thinking ,reasoning and examining ,one’s own thoughts and feeling. 
Introspection is like the actively describe by Plato where he said- ” Why should we not calmly and patiently review our own thoughts, and thoroughly examine and see what these appearances in us really are ?”
After reading above statement I came to know that what I have been saying and what I am writing is correct. It empowered me and I feel more energetic to write. 
Only by through thoughtful contemplation ,dedicated self  discovery and truthful personal reflection we can realize how    we really are ? Therefore, Introspection is must for everyone.