X- Factor !!!!  What is this ? You are thinking and you want to know, may be you also know that what is x-factor ? Before giving you answer of this question, first I want to ask some question to you . We fail and we pass many time in our life, pass gives us strenght and happiness but  we loose our patience and hope,we become irritate and joylessness after several failure. Some people get nervous and some people keep silent and never snow their frustration, Why
Sometime  your colleague impress your boss and he gets higher salary and incentive even they recognized by others also, in spite of little knowledge, why ?  Your colleague are more success than you although you are most intelligent than them , why
We know that many people are success even they are uneducated or with little education , in spite of that they are are running a big organisation, How Did we think how is it possible ? I explain you that everyone has a X-Factor, which empower them, X- Factor can not be describe in the words. It is not visible and there are no any training center to find out about X – Factor. Everyone has X – factor, we have to recognize it . In stead of curb our self , what we do , some time we ignore , some time we do not know, some time we are not able to recognize our X – Factor.


 We should not get nervous even after so many failure.We should keep  ready ourself to fight against failure , if we will not fight then how  can we win over our enemies ? How can we get success with limited resources ?

If you have not recognized your hidden specialty till today. If you are discovering others secret of success then leave it today and try to find out  that what is your X – Factor